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My name is Beth Campagna.  I'm a Yoga Teacher,

Wellness Coach, Plant Based Nutrition Coach and an  Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant



The demands of work, family, having too much to do, recovering from illness or injury, or just life in general can overwhelm the best of us.  Through the practice of yoga you can learn ways to feel calm and relaxed enabling you to respond to life’s challenges more easily. 


This is where private yoga sessions can be of great benefit to you and your overall well-being.  Together, we will create yoga sessions specific to your needs and goals whether it is for stress relief, recovering from illness or injury, or if you want to be more fit and flexible overall. 


During each session you will receive personalized attention to empower you to practice in a way that will make the yoga poses accessible to you.  You will build strength, greater flexibility, balance, and feel more calm and relaxed.  Even if you think you can’t “do yoga,” with the use of yoga blocks, straps, chairs, and bolsters you can.   Poses are adapted to make them accessible to you.


Semi-private yoga classes are also available if you want to practice with a family member or friend! 


Wellness Coaching/Ayurveda Lifestyle Consulting:


If you have a desire and are committed to living a healthy lifestyle, Wellness Coaching, or Plant Based Nutrition Coaching, or Ayurveda Lifestyle Consulting can help.


Wellness Coaching and/or Plant Based Nutrition Coaching, and/or Ayurveda Lifestyle Consulting can help you reach your health and wellness goals by helping you break down your goals into achievable steps.  Together, we will design a plan of action that will allow you to develop new habits and attitudes to support your optimum health.  


Wellness Coaching and/or Plant Based Nutrition Coaching and/or Ayurveda Lifestyle Consulting can help you if you…


•           Need motivation, discipline, or accountability to meet your goals

•           Need a personalized plan that meets and evolves with your unique needs

•           Are overwhelmed by conflicting fitness, health and nutrition information

•           Need assistance overcoming the influence of a chronic disease like

             diabetes or  cancer in your life



My goal is to teach skills enabling you to live a healthy lifestyle with joy and peace in your heart so you can be the best you can be for yourself, your family and your community. 


                                                               Be well and be happy,

Beth Campagna

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