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In October of 2014 I was in pretty miserable shape.  Didn’t feel well, body aches, overweight…. Not aging very well at 58 years of age.  Our company offered a lunch time opportunity to practice YOGA here on site.  I’d always been curious about YOGA but had never tried it.  In comes Beth Campagna as our instructor.  I was apprehensive – but Beth’s warmth, her friendly demeanor yet professionalism soon put me at ease.  She has the ability to see through to your soul and understand what you want to accomplish – yet understand what your challenges are.  It’s a year later and I’m down 30+ pounds, more flexible that I have been in decades and so enjoy the hour visits with her each week.  I benefit physically and mentally from each practice.  I consider her a trainer, coach and a friend.  -  Candise Hill

I sit at a desk all day, and have had aches and pains in my neck, back and shoulders.  Beth has helped me understand the pressure created by bad posture.  I now find myself correcting my posture frequently, and have experienced a big improvement in head and neck mobility.  I‘ve realized improvement in my balance as well, and best of all, my back feels better than it has in years.  After class I feel like I got a chiropractic adjustment.  I really notice my spine getting more flexible.  Beth is a great teacher for beginners like me because she’s not judgmental, and encourages us to not judge ourselves.  It would have been easy to get discouraged at the beginning when I was just learning how poor my balance and flexibility had become, but she wouldn’t let me.  I’ve been at it a year now, and look forward to every class.  Dale Perry

I have known Beth Campagna as a wonderful Yoga Teacher for a couple years.  She is gentle and cautious with poses making sure that they are done correctly.   However, her ability as a Health and Wellness Coach is a real gift.  She listens to all concerns, pays attention to details and is creative in addressing your needs.   Her timing has been amazing in suggesting just the right solution at just the right time.  This has been a life changing experience and I can see myself using her recommendations for many years to come.  I would highly recommend Yoga Life and Wellness for anyone that is looking to implement a healthy lifestyle.  Dawn Forlini

I was 70 years old, had 7 horses but could not walk the 500 feet to the barn or climb a flight of stairs due to back and hip pain.  I had to drive down to the barn and I needed a cane to manage all of the steps in a 3 story house.  For sic months I had tried massage, stretching, heat and cold, anti-inflammatory medications, and Pilates.  Occasionally it got worse but it never got better.  My massage therapist suggested Beth Campagna and personal yoga. I am so grateful.  Beth is amazingly sensitive to what the individual needs.  She never pushed too hard but she never stopped thinking of new things to help my body and spirit become stronger.  It took three months of weekly classes and some daily practice ( I do practice daily but not very much).   Gradually I noticed that I could walk the stairs without a cane and one day I realized that I had walked down to the barn and had to try to get back to the house; I did it.  Over 18  months, I learned a variety of postures that help with the specific muscle pains that I seem to accumulate.  I got much better with regular meditation and breathing patterns.  I was just getting to the point that I could do some pretty challenging postures when I was knocked down by one of my horses and dislocated two ribs.  No problem for Beth.  She just adjusted the program to help me heal and prevent the spasms that were interrupting my sleep and limiting what I could do.  When I think I should be able to do this on my own, I realize that each week my body is responding differently and what I appreciate so much about Beth is that she can help me with the body that arrives in her yoga studio that day.  She may have a plan but that plan can be modified in a nano-second to respond to what I need at the moment even when I don’t know what I need.  Today thanks to Beth and her eclectic approach to yoga, I am back to a typical day in the muddy season of winter in the Northwest: walk down to the barn and back three times a day to feed the horses, groom horses, clean 6 stalls and a small arena, bathe the dog, clean the house and spend 4 hours or so working as a volunteer for a natural horsemanship non-profit.  Thank you Beth for your knowledge, vast array of strategies, never giving up when things aren’t what they seem and for your smiling face, amazing insights and all  you do that makes living in this 71 year old body a lot better than it could be.    Marilee Donovan

Do what makes you happy, this seems like a simple thing.  


After trying alot of different types of exercise attempts during my life I had thought that Yoga was not really strenous enough for me. So I kept putting it off, then, we had a class offered at work.  After the first class I was hooked.  After 2 months of only twice a week I could get off the floor without grunting....and don't dread the thought of getting off the floor.  Now after 6 months I cannot see myself "practicing" yoga the rest of my life.  


It truly makes me happy.   Beth is a wonderful teacher and makes the class alot of fun.....Breathe, and smile. Mary Lynn Jamison

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